“Hafu” Screening Event was a great success! ハーフ上映イベント大盛況でした!

Over 70 people attended to the movie Hafu screening event on March 10th at TRUNK Base in Omotesando. Most of them participated in the group session. Truly diverse participants such as Half, Japanese, foreigners, parents and children, friends etc. At the group session, participants shared thoughts, from the impression of the movie to the action Japan should take in the future. It was very meaningful time for The Global Families (TGF) to hear a lot of opinions that would be hint for our future activities. We got so many positive feedbacks to the event. Many participants got to know each other during the event and had great discussions.We wish we would had much time to talk to everyone!

TGF will continue to promote various activities to contribute to a society open for different backgrounds. We welcome new volunteers from who help us planning and managing our activities. If you are interested in joining our committee members, please feel free to contact us. Click here for details
3月10日に表参道トランクホテルにて開催した映画ハーフ上映イベントには、70人を越える方に来場いただき、ほとんどの方が交流会まで参加してくれました。ご自身がハーフのかた、日本人、外国人、親子、お友達などなど、本当に多様な参加者たち。交流会では、グループにわかれて、映画の感想からこれから日本がとるべきアクションまで、思いを共有しました。どのグループも、熱気のある交流が行われていて、私たちザ・グローバル・ファミリーズ(TGF )の運営チームにとっても、これからの活動のヒントになるような意見をたくさんきけて、大変有意義な時間でした!ご参加くださった皆様、ありがとうございました。もっともっと皆さんとお話ししたかったです!TGFでは、これからも、異なることに慣用な社会づくりに貢献するために様々な活動を進めていきます。活動の企画や運営をお手伝いくださるボランティアを随時募集しています。特に、積極的に自ら行動くださるかた、ご興味があればどうぞお気軽にご連絡ください。詳しくはこちらhttp://www.theglobalfamilies.com/volunteer-jp.html


GIRL’S DAY Workshops of the Music & Art for kids/音楽と芸術のワークショップ ひなまつりを開催しました








港区地域こぞって子育て懇談会/Minato-ku Area Childcare Gathering


On Saturday, January 28, Minato-ku area had a childcare gathering, and Mizuki, Founder of The Global Families, participated as one of the presenters of the activities presentation.
At the group discussion time, she participated in discussions of multicultural and multilingual child care group. It was a very valuable time for her to hear diverse opinions from various standpoints,such as themselves or family members are foreign nationals, those who used to live abroad as foreign nationals.
One of the things stick out in her mind during the exchange meeting was that participants from Chinese-national high school students said, “Some people say sometimes that they do not want to get involved with me because I’m Chinese. But once they got to know me, they change their mind.” According to a study of psychology, “To increase opportunities to acquaint with others who have not contacted so far” is one effective ways to eliminate prejudice.
In order to contribute to the international ties of the region, TGF wants to act with the aim of “creating opportunities” where diverse families can know each other and lead to mutual understanding regardless of nationality or background!


Zen workshop held/禅ワークショップを開催しました


We had so much fun at the Zen workshop today! Children and parents learned some essence of Zen through a nice picture book Zen Shorts and an ink-painting workshop. Thank you very much Tokyo Bees to lead the wonderful workshop!

Next Music & Art for kids workshop (Minato-ku NPO support project) will be Hinamatsuri themed, and will be lead by Webster’s school. Don’t forget to save your seat!

Event registration form

今日は禅ワークショップで盛り上がりました!絵本(Zen Shorts)の読み聞かせや水墨画アートを通して、禅についてのエッセンスを学ぶことができました。ワークショップをリードしてくださったTokyo Bees の素晴らしい先生に感謝です!





Family homestay in Oyama at the foot of Mt. Fuji富士山のふもとのおやまで親子ホームステイ


It is a unique offer of Family homestay in Oyama at the foot of Mt. Fuji from Kintaro Family Project (IP Symphony) who is always supporting the activity of TGF.


A valuable opportunity to get to know the charm of the town from local families! Available only for 20 families, so you better to apply soon!


At the preliminary briefing session, you will be introduced more details of the project and Oyama Town from those who live in Oyama.

-事前説明会/ Preliminary briefing session(参加無料・開催時間中に会場までお越しください) (participation free · Please come to the venue during the holding time)

・2月2日(木曜日) 17:30~20:00 東京交通会館8階(有楽町)「ふるさと回帰支援センター」セミナー会場A

February 2nd (Thursday) 17: 30 ~ 20: 00 @ Tokyo Kotsu kaikan 8th Floor (Yurakucho) “Furusato Regression Support Center” Seminar Room A

・2月5日(日曜日) 10:00~16:00 ベルサール新宿セントラルパーク1F「あんふぁん春ふぇす」小山町ブース

February 5th (Sunday) 10: 00-16: 00 @ Bersalle Shinjuku Central Park 1F “Enfant Spring Fes” at Oyama Town booth

*The session will be in Japanese. If you need any English assistance at the briefing session, please let us know in advance so that we will arrange an English language support

-応募要件/Application requirements

・家族参加が可能なこと Family participation (Single  person participation is not available)

・参加費をお支払いただけること Pay participation fee

(一泊二食 大人(15歳以上)2000円、小学生1000円、幼児(3~6歳)500円、3歳未満無料)

One night with 2 meals = adult (15 years old and over) 2000 yen, elementary school student 1000 yen, infant (3 to 6 years old) 500 yen, free for under 3 years old)

・平成29年3月末までの期間中に滞在できることAble to stay by end of March,2017

-参加申し込み方法/How to apply


Direct application at the briefing or use the application form of the following link (QR code)

-応募締切/Application deadline


February 28, 2017 (Tuesday)


その他詳細はこちらをご覧ください/For more details, please check the following link





映画「ハーフ」上映&交流会開催決定! Movie “HAFU” screening + group discussion event

* English is below.
TGFでは、多様な価値感を理解する活動の1つとして、話題のソーシャライジングスペースTRUNK (表参道)にて、映画『ハーフ』上映&交流会を開催します!
* 字幕あり。英語はサポートが入りますので、ぜひお気軽に足をお運びください。
The Global Families is pleased to offer a screening of the movie HAFU followed by a group discussion. This will be a unique opportunity to understand the new minority in this mono-ethnic nation, Japan. The event will be held at a modern socialising space ‘TRUNK’ in Omotesando.
According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, one in forty-nine babies born in Japan today are born into families with one non-Japanese parent. Hafu is the unfolding journey of discovery into the intricacies of mixed-race Japanese and their multicultural experience in modern day Japan.
After watching the film, we plan to hold a group discussion session in English and Japanese with other audiences.
*The Film is in English and Japanese with both subtitles There are also Japanese/English language support.
Trailer (紹介動画)
18:30   開場 Opening
19:00-20:30  上映 Movie screening
20:30-20:40 休憩 Break
20:40-21:10  グループセッション Group chat session
21:30  終了 Closing
料金/Fee: 1,000 円 1,000yen
申し込み/Reservation: http://tgf-hafu.peatix.com
飲食持ち込み自由です Food and drinks are allowed
We appreciate your understanding that the faciltiy is not a real movie theater.
子連れ禁止ではありませんが、特に託児室などは設けておりません。Children are welcome although there is no kid/baby room in the facility.hafu_b5_flyer_front
話題のソーシャライジングホテル「TRUNK HOTEL(開業準備室)」にて開催!



, ,



ⓒVeit Helmer Film-produktion





ⓒVeit Helmer Film-produktion




会場:神楽座(東京都千代田区富士見2丁目 詳細は招待状に記載されます)




〒156-0043 東京都世田谷区松原4-8-4テラス松原210

有限会社エデン イチゴミルク係



ⓒVeit Helmer Film-produktion

良いお年を!Wishing you a happy new year!

本年もザ・グローバル・ファミリーズの活動を応援していただきありがとうございました!Thank you very much for your support to The Global Families this year!

多くの方に支えられて、TGFとして活動の幅が広がり、本当に色々なことに挑戦させていただいた一年でした。振り返ると、すべてこの一年で起こったこととは信じられないくらい、たくさんのことがありました!We had a great successful year in 2016 with expansion of our activity supported by so many people. We can’t believe it all happened in this one year!

-2月の、みお先生によるひな祭りクッキングクラスから始まった国際交流イベントプロジェクトは、40を超える様々なイベントを開催し、これまでに350家族以上のご参加をいただきました!Started Global Family event project in February. Our very first event was the Hinamatsuri cooking class with Mio-sensei. Since then, over 350 families joined our various Global Family events (we had over 40 events ) in this year!!

-3月には特定非営利活動法人として法人登録が完了し、責任とともに活動の幅が広がりました。We officially became a registered non-profit organisation which gave us more responsibility and opportunity.

-私たちのユニークなサービス、グローバルおさんぽを、アエラをはじめ、様々なメディアで取り上げていただきました。Our unique service Global-Osampo has been introduced by some medias. Over 30 families experienced Global-Osampo this year.

-たくさんの新しいメンバーが運営チームに加わってくれました!また、複数の企業の方々がTGFの活動に賛同し、支援くださっています。7月には、首相官邸で安倍昭恵首相夫人にTGFの活動をご紹介し、応援のお言葉をいただきました。Many new members joined TGF operational team. Also some corporations started supporting us! Further more, we had an opportunity to meet Japan’s first lady Mrs. Akie Abe to introduce TGF activity. She strongly agrees with our activity and supports us.

-港区NPO活動助成、オラクル有志の会ボランティア助成の助成団体に選出いただきました。We were selected as an organisation for subsidy by Minato-ku and Oracle.


2017年も多文化共生社会に向けた子育て・地域活性化の支援を目指し、さらに活動を発展させていきますので、皆様引き続き応援お願いいたします!In 2017 we will continue to expand opportunities for families with young children in Japan to get connected to each other . We will appreciate your future support!

副理事長のルミコハーモニーがワーママ・オブ・ザ・イヤー2016を授賞!/TGF Vice President Lumico Harmony Awarded Wormama of the Year 2016!


Lumico Harmony who energetically drives the activity of The Global Families awarded “WorMAMA OF THE YEAR 2016”!

「ワーママ・オブ・ザ・イヤー2016」についてはこちら Click here for more about Wormama of the year→https://www.value-press.com/s/pressrelease/174866

アーティストやコンサルタントとしても活躍するルミコハーモニーのインタビュー記事はこちら Here is an interview article of Lumico Harmony who also works as an artist and consultant


サイトが新しくなりました!Our website renewed!

NPOコミュニケーション支援組織a-con(http://www.a-conweb.net/)の皆さんのご協力をいただき、NPO法人ザ・グローバル・ファミリーズのウェブサイトをリニューアルしました!We have renewed the website of NPO The Global Families with the cooperation of a-con (http://www.a-conweb.net/) !




<NPO法人ザ・グローバル・ファミリーズウェブサイト/ New website of The Global Families>