We had another special collaboration event with Sekaino-mado!

It was a super nice weather (maybe it was a little too hot..) on Sunday. We had a great guide from the park and she lead us to a short but intensive park tour.

Nakameguro park is such a gorgeous park with lots of different trees, flowers and plants (looked like all edible).  We found many butterflies and other little insects.


Sweet potato


After the tour, we had a relaxing potluck lunch. Sandwiches, Sushi rolls, couscous salad etc.. we enjoyed multi-cultural lunch time!


Everyone got full! It’s time to play! First game was ” un deux trois soleil ” which is a popular kids game in France. (“Red Light! Green Light! 1, 2, 3!” in English)


Un deux trois soleil!

Un deux trois soleil!

Then we played “Le facteur n’est pas passé” (Drop the Handkerchief Game)

Make a circle!

The player who runs around on the outside of the circle carrying a handkerchief is  “Le facteur” (Postman). All the other players sit and make a circle with singing “Le facteur n’est pas passé Il ne passera jamais Lundi, mardi, mercredi, Jeudi …” (The postman has not come, he will never come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ..).

Papa got caught! Sit in the middle of the circle.

Both children and adults enjoyed the games, and we all learnt some French phrases!!

It was a very nice mingling event with lots of fun!! See you next time!